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09/20/2012 Gateway Completion Statement
01/17/2012 Facts mangled to fabricate case for jailing of two bridge tollers in Detroit - the Michigan media disgrace
01/15/2012 KEITH CRAIN: Am I only one outraged by judge's act?
12/12/2011 Aerial photo proves DIBC completed the Gateway construction and complied with court orders
12/11/2011 Wreath ceremony on the bridge
10/31/2011 Senate leader: Bridge issue dead until next year at earliest
10/24/2011 2nd Detroit-Windsor bridge plan hits a dead end in Michigan senate
10/21/2011 Proposed Detroit Bridge To Canada Is Set Back
10/21/2011 Downriver Detroit-Windsor toll bridge rejected by Michigan senate committee as a likely bankruptcy
10/21/2011 Payne: Snyder's bridge collapse
09/25/2011 Free Press Marathon Continues to Grow
09/08/2011 Matthew Moroun Speaks out Against a New Bridge: Leave Crossings to the Private Sector, Son of Ambassador Bridge Owner Urges
09/07/2011 TOWAR : Legionnaires commemorate 9/11
08/24/2011 Detroit News: Opponents of public bridge offer reasons at forum
08/17/2011 New Detroit bridge backers don't have numbers
08/16/2011 Sides remain entrenched after cross-border tour
07/24/2011 The Daily Tribune – Private Sector best equipped to build bridge
01/12/2011 What's wrong with Moroun's plans?
11/30/2010 Last minute attempt fails to get DRIC bill out of Michigan Senate committee
10/26/2010 Agema demands official investigation of MDOT 'Pink elephant' remark tramples DRIC, unveils deceit
10/22/2010 MDOT Withholding Material Facts - Formal Testimony before Relevant Legislative Oversight Bodies
10/05/2010 From Today’s Windsor Star: Get behind bridge enhancement plan
09/22/2010 Voters need to make it right
09/22/2010 Windsor Star - We Owe Moroun a debt of gratitude
08/11/2010 Donation of $200,000 to the health center aimed at minorities – La Jornada Latina-Detroit August 2010
07/30/2010 Ambassador Bridge firm to help pay for health center
07/29/2010 Bridge company, duty-free shop donating $200,000 to health center in southwest Detroit
07/27/2010 Ambassador Bridge cleared for new customs plaza
07/26/2010 WSJ: At Canadian Border, a Bridge to Prosperity
07/14/2010 DRIC Bridge is Unconstitutional