Canadian Transit Company – Canadian Border Services Facilities Work

In 2017, the Government of Canada issued an international Bridge and Tunnels Act (IBTA) permit to the Canadian Transit Company (CTC). The IBTA permit authorized, subject to certain conditions, the construction of a “Replacement bridge” and improvements to the Ambassador Bridge’s existing Canadian plaza described in the IBTA permit as the “Canadian border services facilities work.” A copy of the permit can be viewed here. The IBTA permit was issued after an extensive multi-year environmental process. CTC’s Canadian Environmental Documents can be viewed here. Ultimately, that process resulted in an Environmental Assessment Screening Report (EASR) issued by Transport Canada concluding that “the Project is not likely to cause a significant adverse environmental effect.” The EASR can be viewed here. Currently, CTC is not planning a Replacement bridge; however, CTC is planning the Canadian border services facilities work. As part of that work, CTC will be engaging with the Community regarding the Canadian border services facilities work. CTC is setting up a Project information Center and will be convening a Community Advisory Committee. Please be on the lookout for additional information soon!


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