Oversized Load


1. All vehicles with an oversize load placard/banner must stop at the Duty Free Store Truck Parking area prior to crossing and make notification to the Ambassador Bridge Operations Department 313-989-0136 or 313-363-2873.

2. Any load over 9’ width requires an Ambassador Bridge Escort

3. All oversized loads must call at a minimum 24 hours in advance 313-989-0136 or 313-363-2873.

4. Driver must stop at the truck parking at the duty free store prior to crossing. Driver may contact the bridge directly 313-989-0136 or 313-363-2873 or have an associate at the Duty Free Store call on their behalf to announce their arrival.

5. Bridge Escort vehicle will be dispatched to the Driver at the Duty Free Store where load will be verified for size and escort paperwork will be completed.

Max allowable width – 13’6”

Max allowable height – 14’

Max allowable weight – 144000 lbs

Max allowable length – 80’ bumper to bumper


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