How can I renew my windshield tags?

AUTO/PREMIER – premier@ambassadorbridge.com

COMMERCIAL/APASS – service@ambassadorbridge.com

How can I order a new windshield tag?

AUTO/PREMIER – premier@ambassadorbridge.com or stop by either Duty Free Store

COMMERCIAL/APASS – service@ambassadorbridge.com

What are the wide load / weight restrictions for the Ambassador Bridge?

Call to schedule an escort across the bridge at  (313) 989-0136. Currently 10’6” due to construction weight, 144,000lbs, length 80’ and height of 13’6”

What are the operation hours of the bridge?

The bridge never closes, we are open 24/7, 365 days a year

How much is toll?

Refer to Commercial and Auto menu tab for information

Do you accept EZ pass?

We do not accept EZ-Pass, we participate in the APASS Program for commercial and PREMIER Program for autos

How much does it cost for an oversized load to cross?

$60.00US / $85.00 CDN Plus axle toll fees

Lost my current tag, what do I do now?

How do I apply for an account and avoid being charged Non-Active Fee(s)?

Avoid non-active account fees by applying for an account here.

How do I update my email, mailing address or phone number?

To submit your change of contact email us at service@ambassadorbridge.com

Where can I view my commercial invoices/account statement?

View your account by clicking here.

How do I find my account number?

Your account number is located under your address on your invoice

How do I receive additional information about a transaction or invoice?

Please email us at service@ambassadorbride.com with your question along with your invoice and transaction number

How do I pay my invoice?

Check payments for Detroit International Bridge Company Invoices:

Include copy of payment details / statements with your checks and submit to
Detroit International Bridge Company
P.O. Box 32666
Detroit, Michigan 48232
(Payable in U.S. funds)

Check payments for Canadian Transit Company Invoices:

Include copy of payment details / statements with your checks and submit to
Canadian Transit Company
P.O. Box 1480, Station A
Windsor, Ontario N9A-6R6
(Payable in Canadian funds)

Accepting Credit Cards

To make a credit card payment click here.

For your protection, please do not e-mail us your credit card information.

Wire Transfer Instructions:

Email: payment@ambassadorbridge.com

Place “Wire Transfer Request” within the subject line
Include your contact name, company name and email address
We will respond promptly to your request with information to set-up wire transfer.


Today's Fuel Prices

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Regular $1.09/ltr
Premium $1.35/ltr
Diesel $2.689/gal
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